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Latin Dances - Club / Social

Latin Club & Social Dances
Its a latin dance with origins from Afro-Cuban dancing. Its a partner dance, and its has different versions of Salsa, like the Rueda Casino Salsa, LA Salsa, NY Salsa. Music is basically from about 150 bpm to around 250 bpm. Incorporating other dance styles into salsa has become very common, shimmies, leg work, body movement, spins, lifts and drops. Salsa Dances are commonly held in night clubs, ballrooms, Salsa Nites,

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Bachata is astyle of dance originated from the Dominican Republic. Its danced widely all over the world but not identically. Generally most of the dancers movement is in the lower body up to the hips and less in the upper body. It can be danced in both open & closed positions. Its known as a very sensual dance form. It consists of a 3 steps normal side to side motion and then a tap / hip lift step.

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Its a Dominican Republic dance style. It originated from the slaves working in the fields, Its has a fast tempo of music. Partners hold each other in a closed position with thier knees slighlty bend and hips moving left and right.

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Mambo is a latin dance of Cuba, it has a mixtures of Afro-caribbean & Latin American cultures Its believed to have been named after voodoo priests. It was popular in the 1940s & 50s. The original mambo dance contains a quick quick slow rhyhtm, and uses a 4/4 beat.

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